WishDates – Smart Social Network of a New Generation

WishDates.com – is a social resource of a new generation – a smart social network.

WishDates combines advantages of the existing resources with cutting edge technology, bringing you incredible opportunities for meeting new people and communicating with your friends. In a few moments, you’ll be able to find like-minded companions to chat or go out with, gather friends for a party or meet a significant other. Moreover, you’ll always stay updated on the latest events happening on your location, as well as worldwide.

WishDates was designed keeping in mind the concept of real life challenges. Every step gives you million chances; each touch opens up million opportunities. The unique solution was to embrace all aspects of social communication within one simple smart and user-friendly app.

All you need is touch.


The Smart Way To Be Online

Present day social networks only allow communication with the people you already know. They’ve got a riot of different tools and settings, including increased security. Navigating such resources resembles piloting a spacecraft, we’ve no clue about what half of those buttons mean, but while the flight is fine, we prefer not to touch them at all. At the same time, lots of people pass us by every day, but we don’t even know they exist, not to mention how to connect to them.

On the other hand, current dating resources usually have one or two buttons, and a few search filters, the results show so many people, you wouldn’t know where to start. It’s impossible to fully customize such a resource; you get a product as is. This way communication turns into a battle with spam from fake profiles and annoying commercials which occupy every tiny bit of space.

WishDates decided to integrate unique searching tools designed by dating sites with an immense potential of social networking resources. The idea was to extend opportunities for communication and meeting new people, at the same time, maintaining them user-friendly, simple and fun.

One Touch. Million Opportunities.

This is our proud offering.

The Background

The idea of WishDates.com emerged in February 2011. Further in September, a social network application – vk.com/WishDates was launched, and in the beginning of December WishDates launched a beta version of the website. By December 31, 2011  the amount of  registered users exeeded 1000 000.

Wishdates’s plans for the immediate future include a launch of a Facebook app, as well as finalizing development of iPhone and Android versions, because the service is highly oriented towards mobile platforms.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


February, 2011: Incorporated and began development

June, 2011: Raised a seed round of $470K

December, 2011: Launched beta version of Wishdates.com

June, 2012: Launch of Wishdates.com final version and Facebook and iPhone Apps

September, 2012: Launch of Open API and Android App


Average user age: 23-29

Over 1 000 000 installs of WishDates’s app

15 % of registered users come back every day

12 minutes – average time a user spends on the website

20 pages a user looks through during one session

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Join Today!

Start talking to your friends and meet people in a new way – with one touch, bringing along million opportunities. Plan dates on the go, arrange business appointments, share photos and smiles, turn your dreams and ideas into reality, discover WishDates and treat yourself to a great new experience.

Sign up on the website http://www.wishdates.com,

like WishDates’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/WishDates

and stay posted on the latest news and updates.

Made with love for You, Team WishDates.


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